The Present Continuous

The Present Continuous

We use the present continuous to talk about:
• something that is happening now.
Jenny is doing her homework.
• temporary situations:
My cousins are staying with us this week.
Time expressions
• We often use these time expressions with the present continuous:
now. right now, at the moment, today, this week/month/year, these days
They’re having dinner at the moment. (This is happening now.)
Dad’s working very hard these days. (This is happening for a short time only.)
We use the present simple:
• for things that happen regularly.
They watch TV every day.
• for things that are always or usually true.
He works in London.
We use the present continuous:
• for things that are happening now.
They’re watching TV at the moment.
• for temporary situations.
He’s working in London this week.
Stative verbs
• We usually use the present simple, not the present continuous, for these verbs:
believe, forget, hate, have (= have got), hear, know, like, love, need, remember, think, understand, want
I like pop music. • I’m liking pop music.
What do you want? •What are you wanting?
Правила правописания:
Большинству глаголов добавляем окончание «ing»:
work — working, buy — buying
У глаголов заканчивающихся на «e», убираем «e» и добавляем  «ing»: 
take — taking, write — writing
У глаголов заканчивающихся на 1 гласную и согласную, удваиваем согласную и добавляем  «ing»: 
get — getting, run — running
Но (open — opening)
Note: die — dying, lie — lying
1)Говорим о действиях которые происходят в момент нашего разговора.

I am studying English.
She is sleeping now.
I am listening to the music.
You are speaking too fast.
He is working in the garden.
He is reading a book right now.
They are sitting at a table.
They are having dinner.
They are wearing smart clothes.
The man is wearing a suit.
The parents are smiling at each other and they are talking.
The children are listening.
The girl is drinking some Coke.
The boy is eating some bread.
They are enjoying  their meal.
2)Говорим о ситуациях которая меняется.
Computers are becoming cheaper.
The climate is getting warmer
3)Говорим о планах с известным временем или местом.
I’m seeing my parents this evening.
We are watching Bruce Almighty this weekend.
He is flying to Milan in an hour. (It’s been arranged)
4)Говорим о действиях происходящих во времени, приближенному к настоящему моменту.
I ‘m saving money to buy an MP3 player.
She is looking for a job.
She is practising for a concert these days.(She’s not practising right now; she’s resting.)
You’re always interrupting me! (annoyance)

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