The London Underground

Read and listen to conversation  

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a: Which way do I go for Queensway, please?
b: Take the Bakerloo to Pad-dington; the District to Notting Hill and then get the Central.
a: Where do I go now?
b: Take the escalator on your right.
a: How do I get to Lancaster Gate, please?
b: Catch the Metropolitan to Liverpool Street and then change to the Central Line.
a: Which platform do I want?
b: Follow those signs. You can't go wrong.
a: Which line do I take for Marble Arch, please?
b: That's easy; it's the next station down the Central Line.
a: How do I get down to the trains?
b: Get that lift over there.
a: Can you tell me the best way to get to Bond Street, please?
b: You want the Victoria to Oxford Circus and then you change on to the Central.
a: Which way do I go first?
b: Go straight down the stairs, and turn left at the bottom.


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