Leaving a place (оставляя место)

Are we ready to leave?
Are you about finished?
Are you ready to go?
Ready to go?
Ready to roll? (slang)
Are we away? (slang)
Let's blow. (slang)
Let's get out of this taco stand. (slang)
     taco stand = a cheap place; an undesirable place
Let's blow this joint. (slang)
     = Let's leave this place.
Let's go while the going's good. (cliche)
     Let's = Time to. We've got to
Let's get while the getting's good. (cliche)
Let's head out.
Let's beat a hasty retreat. (cliche)
Let’s make tracks. (informal)
     make tracks = leave a trail (as we go)
Let's motor. (slang)
     to motor = to leave by automobile
Let's hit the road. (slang)
Let's boogie. (slang)
Let's split. (slang)
Let's make like a tree and leave. (jocular)
Let's make like the wind and blow. (jocular)
Let's make like a banana and split. (jocular)
Exit stage right.
Exit stage left.
Retreat! (slang)

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