Taking a Taxi

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a: The American Embassy, please. I have to be there by II.10.
b: I can't promise, but I'll do my best.
a: You're just in time. 6.30, please.
b: Thanks a lot. Here's 7. You can keep the change.
a: Do you think you can get me to Victoria by half past?
b: We should be OK if the lights are with us.
a: You've still got five minutes to spare. 6.40, please.
b: Thanks very much indeed. Here's 10, give me 3, please.
a: Piccadilly, please. I have an appointment at 10.30.
b: I think we can make it if we get a move on.
a: Here we  are,   sir. 6.35, please.
b: Many thanks. Let's call it 7
a: Paddington, please. I want to catch the 11.15.
b: We'll be all right if there are no hold-ups.
a: This is it, sir. 6.50, please.
b: Thank you. Here's the fare, and this is for you.


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