At a Railway Station

Read and listen to conversation  

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a: When does the London train leave, please?
b: 9.25. Platform 3.
a: What time does it reach London?
b: You should be there at 11.31, but you may be a bit late.
a: Do I have to change?
b: Yes. You change at Lewes and East Croydon.
a: Which train do I take for Victoria, please?
b: 9.28. This end of Platform 2.
a: When does it get in?
b: It gets there at 11.34.
a: Must I change?
b: No. It's a through train.
a: Which platform for  London Bridge, please?
b: 9.27 from Platform 1.
a: What time does it arrive?
b: It takes roughly two hours so you'll arrive just before 11.30.
a: Is it necessary to change?
b: No. There's no need to change.
a: What time's the next train to Victoria, please?
b: 9.26. Platform 4. Right up at the front.
a: When do we get there?
b: It's due in at 11.35, but they're running late today.
a: Need I change trains?
b: Yes. Change at East Croydon.






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