Some pairs of adverbs have different meanings

deep = a long way down (He dug deep into the ground.)
deeply = greatly (The scientist was deeply respected.)
free = without cost (Children travel free on buses.)
freely = willingly (He spoke freely about his past.)
hard = with effort (He works hard.)
hardly = scarcely (I hardly see him.)
high = to / at a high level (The pilot flew high above the clouds.)
highly = very much (She is highly regarded by her employers.)
last = after all others (He got here last.)
lastly = finally (Lastly, read the instructions then do the test.)
late = not early (They arrived late.)
lately = recently (I haven’t seen him lately.)
near = close (I live near the school.)
nearly = almost (I have nearly finished.)
pretty = fairly (I thought the film was pretty awful.)
prettily = in a pretty way (She smiled prettily.)
short = suddenly (The driver stopped short.)
shortly = soon (He will be arriving shortly.)
wide = far away from the right point (He threw the ball wide.)
widely = to a large extent (It’s widely believed that the Prime Minister will resign soon.)

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