At a Garage


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a: Could you book me in for a full service, please?
b: Certainly, madam. I just need to know the year and model.
a: I can't remember the year but it's a "D" registration.
b: I think I can fit you in first thing tomorrow morning.
a: That'd suit me fine. And while you've got it, could you have a look at the brakes as well?
b: Yes, we always check everything thoroughly.

a: I'd like to arrange to have my car serviced.
b: Yes, of course. Which year and model is it?
a: It's a 1986 model — the smallest one in the range.
b: How would next Friday afternoon suit you?
a: That'd be perfect. And could you also try to improve the starting?
b: Yes, we'll do that as a matter of course.

a: Could you book my car in for a service? It's well overdue.
b: That's no problem. Can you tell me the year and model?
a: It's a 500 series — and it's less than a year old.
b: Can you bring it in on Thursday?
a: That should be OK. And perhaps you could see to the clutch — it keeps slipping.
b: Yes, I'll make a special note of it.

a: My car needs servicing. Can I get it done here?
b: Yes, I think we can help you. Which year and model, please?
a: It's last year's model — the estate version.
b: How about next Wednesday morning?
a: That's fine. And at the same time, could you do something about the sunroof? It lets the rain in.
b: Yes, we'll do that for you.


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