Hiring a Car

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a: How much is it to rent a large estate car?
b: &24    a   day   or   &135   a week.
a: Will I be able to have one next weekend?
b: Have  you  got  a current licence?
a: Yes, I've been driving since I was eighteen.
b: Good. All you do now is complete this form.
a: What's the rate for one of your medium-sized vans?
b: The daily rate is &23, and the weekly &128.
a: Right then. I'd like to book one for next Friday, please.
b: Is yours a full licence?
a: YeS, I've had one ever since 1978.
b: OK.  If you'll just fill up this form, I'll book you one.
a: Can you tell me the hire charge for minibuses please?
b: You can have one for &20 a day, or &138 for a week.
a: All right. I'll take one for the week starting Tuesday next.
b: Is your driving licence valid?
a: Yes, there's no problem there.
b: Fine. We'll need some particulars and a &25 deposit.
a: Suppose I wanted to hire a van — how much would it cost?
b: &22 per day, &130 per week.
a: Fair enough. Reserve me one from the 1st to the 10th, please.
b: Have you held a licence for over two years?
a: Yes, here it is.
b: Right. In that case there's only a form to till in.



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