Anglo-Link 10 Future Simple vs ‘Going to’ Future

Future Simple vs 'Going to' Future


Future Simple

I will (I'll) do it.                                             

You will (you'll) do it.                                     

He will (he'll) do it.                                        

She will (she'll) do it.                                     

It will (it'll) do it.                                          

You will (you'll) do it.                                     

We will (we'll)  do it.                                     

They will (they'll) do it.                                


'Going to'Future

I am (I'm) going to do it.

You are (you're) going to do it.

He is (he's) going to do it.

She is (She's) going to do it.

It is (it's) going to do it.

You are (you're) going to do it.

We are (we're) going to do it.

They are (they're) going to do it.


Usage: Future Simple

Future Simple has two main usages:


I.   Expressing a possibility in the future (usually in conjunction with an expression of possibility)


It'll probably rain tonight.

I hope he'll pass his test.

If we don't hurry, we'll miss our flight.


2.  Making a decision at the time of speaking (usually in a dialogue)


A: It's terribly cold in this room.      ———►    B: I'll put the heater on for you.

A: May I speak to Mr Rossi please?   ———►   B: Hold on. I'll put you through.

A: I'd love to see the town.                ———►   B: Really? O.k. I'll show you around.



Usage: 'Going to' Future

'Going to' has two main usages:

1. Expressing something that is certain to happen in the future


Look at those black clouds.    It is going to rain any minute.

He has studied really hard.     He is definitely going to pass his test.

The roads are all blocked.      We are going to miss our flight.


2.  Talking about a decision or a plan you have made before the time of speaking


I am cold.     I am going to put the heater on.

Mr Rossi isn't here.     I am going to put you through to his assistant.

I know you want to see the town.      I am going to show you around.


Use of Shall & Gonna


You can use 'shall' instead of'will'for the pronouns 'I'and 'we', but you will sound quite formal.

I'll see you later.                             =             I shall see you later. (formal)

We'll discuss this tomorrow.            =            We shall discuss this tomorrow. (formal)



'Gonna'is we contracted form of'going to'. It is spoken language and only appropriate in informal conversation.

I'm going to watch a film tonight.  =  I'm gonna watch a film tonight. (informal)

They are going to buy a new car.   = They're gonna buy a new car. (informal)


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