English For You Beginner Level

01   Nice to meet you!

02   How are you?

03   What does she look like?

04   Where are you from?

05   Do you speak English?

06   My family.

07   These are my relatives.

08   What do you do?

09   Where do you work?

10   What time is it?

11   What day is it?

12   How is the weather?

13   What are you wearing?

14   The Body.

15   What's the matter?

16   Home sweet home.

17   Tell me about your furniture.

18   I'm hungry.

19   What sports can you play?

20   What did you do yesterday?

21   What are you going to do?

22   Would you like to go?

23   My Vacation.

24   How do you travel?

25   How do you get there?

26   Ask me a question.

27   I don't know.

28   Review I Lessons (1 to 9)

29   Review II Lessons (10 to 18)

30   Review III Lessons (19 to 27)

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