Приобретать, получать (get + существительное или местоимение get = buy or find).
Становиться, переходить из состояния А в состояние Б (get + прилагательное).
Подвергаться действию, становиться (get + причастие прошедшего времени).
Перемещаться из одного места в другое (get + указание места)
Expression with Get
get + noun phrase
obtain or receive something
I’m trying to figure out how we can get some cash.
get + adjective
It got cold at night.
I’m really sorry. I’m getting confused.
get home
get here / there
get + to-phrase
arrive at a place
Did you just get home?
I don’t know if hell get here on time.
When you get to Broad Street, make a left.
get it
understand a story or joke
I don’t get it. (After hearing a story.)
get + noun phrase + participle
cause something to happen
It took a little while to get the car fixed.
»Become» is a common meaning for getting + adjective.
Fixed Expression with Get Meaning Example
get a chance have an opportunity I’m gonna chew gum until I get a chance to brush my teeth.
get a job find work Why don’t you get a job at one of the bike shops?
get some sleep sleep Okay, get some sleep and take care! [To a sick friend.]
get ahold of* contact I might try one more time to get a hold of Kathy.
get an idea of* become familiar with Have lunch with us, so you can get an idea of our family.
*In some expressions, the preposition of follows the noun phrase.

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