Simple greetings
General greetings
Greetings for various times of the day
Greeting a person you haven’t seen in a long time
Welcoming someone who has returned
Expressing surprise at meeting someone
After you have greeted someone
Concerning a journey or vacation
Expressing your state of health and happiness
Telling how you have been doing—positive
Telling how you have been doing—neutral
Telling how you have been doing—negative
Explaining that you have been busy
Inviting a friend for a drink or coffee
Introducing someone to someone else
When you have just been introduced to someone
After you have been introduced to someone
Asking how someone is
Asking someone how things are going
Signaling the end of a conversation
Ending a telephone conversation
Ending a conversation abruptly
Simple good-byes
Taking leave of someone
Leaving a place
When someone is leaving on a journey
Making plans to keep in touch with someone
Simple agreement
Stating your concurrence
Expressing acceptance
Stating that you understand
Making sure you are understood
Stating simple disagreement or refusal
Stating categorical disagreement
Stating strong disagreement
Stating your disagreement with a proposition
Expressing rejection

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