used to

Оборот USED TO (бывало)

Dave used to work in a factory.  Now he works in a supermarket.
Dave used to work in a factory = he worked in a factory before, but he doesn't work there now.

When I was a child, I used to like chocolate.

I used to read a lot of books, but I don't read much these days.

Liz has got short hair now, but it used lo be very long.

They used to live in the same street as us, so we used to see them a lot. But we don't see them very often these days.

Helen used to have a piano, but she sold it a few years ago.

The negative is I didn't use to …
When I was a child, I didn't use to like tomatoes.

The question is did you use to … ?:
Where did you use to live before you came here?


We use used to
•  for actions that happened regularly in the past hut do not happen now: People used to write a lot of letters, (but now they send emails)
•  to say how often we did things in the past (with always, once a week, every year, etc.): / always used to swim before breakfast.
We used to go to the beach every summer.
•  for past situations that are different now:
Russell Crowe used to be a waiter, (hut now he is an actor)
My parents didn't use to live in the city, (but now they live in the city)
When i was a child I used to have a pet rabbit.
Where did you use to go on holiday when you were young?

Past simple or used to?
We use the past simple, NOT used to
•  for single actions in the past:
   I used to have a driving lesson last week.
   I had a driving lesson last week, (a single action = past simple)

•  for repeated actions in the past with a number:

   I used to hove a driving lesson twice hist week.
   I had a driving lesson twice last week, (a repeated action = past simple)

•  to talk about a period of time with for.

  He used to be in the army for two years.

  He was in the army for two years.

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